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**attention** . . This book is very close to my heart , I've written the real me , the real feelings , the real emotions that I've gone through and I just wanted to share with you. sharing it with strangers is much more easier than sharing with people you know. I've written soo many poems when I was hurt , so many quotes when I felt like giving up on my life. some of them are beautiful and some of them are broken. Idk what made me to write these but whatever these are they are close to my heart.

Poetry / Romance
your petal
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~~Real me~~

These nights they've seen the real me

These pillows , heard my untold stories

These covers got soaked with my invisible tears..

The ceiling got insecure by my staring...

These walls shuddered everytime by my screamings...

Oh lord how long will they suffer..

Let me die peacefully.

And darling this is the real me.


Some poems are short and some are long.

There are some quotes too and yes I've written them on my own , they are my feelings.

Share if you feel it.

This is just a starting :)

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