Dark lies of a WRITER

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~~Inner self~~

Real you.

Remember what you must do.

When they challenge the inner you

When they think,

Your softness is your weakness

Then show them the real you,

Show them the strength within you.

When they try to treat your kindness with their advantages,

When they treat you as nothing ,

Show them that you are that ball of fire which can ruin their everything.

Show them that there is a monster

residing beneath you.

Be silent when they are confused

And scream on their face when they are unconfused

Show them what being treated like nothing actually feels

Show them the real you

Don't hide yourself beneath that skin

Because the person beneath that skin is your rebellious twin.

Show them your beautiful as well as your damaged you

All I want to say is,

Be the real you , show them the real you.


Your monster is waiting to show their powers , don't let others change you because you are who you are and you are unique , let them flinch at every word you say to them , let them get scared because you've had enough and this enough is enough , now you have that time when you should be proud of your real self , that real self who is beautiful in each way 💫 never ever let anyone control you 💫🌈

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