Dark lies of a WRITER

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~~My devil~~

My body is my temple.

It's purity is my responsibility

I'm that angle which can turn into a monster.

I'll make you hungry to taste me

I'll make you beg for me.

Baby I've invisible scars,

That you'll love to lick it with your love.

Baby kiss my soul till eternity and I'll kiss yours with my full sincerity.

Meet me there where our bodies will get mixed.

You set fire to my soul and made me feel that glorious pain that I've never experienced.

When the world is silent

Let me scream your name and let them know what love really is.

Oh my devil bury yourself deep in me,

Let's melt these society boundaries tonight

And teach them the pure meaning of love when it comes to us.

Sincerely to my devil from his Angel.


My devil understands me better than I understand myself.

My devil is always there for me.

My devil is my love.

Pure love of and angel and Devil

Let's celebrate this love ❤️



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