Dark lies of a WRITER

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I closed my eyes

And set the demons free..

I welcomed the Pain..

Only to feel miserable in every veins of mine..

At that time I thought I'd lost all my hopes to live..

But then like an angel you are , you thought I can heal..

You entered into my life and made me feel alive..

Your one touch healed my scars

leaving behind a beautiful trail of stars..

You made me believe that I'm beautiful..

You made me fall in love again when I was just tired of dealing with the hate..

You were there when I was loosing it..

You made laugh when I was l giving in..

Thought I wasn't enough..

But you made it clear that my life is just rough..

You told me that this is it ,

That it's my last battle with my demons..

And made me believe in your reasons..

I'm thankful to you for entering in my life..

To make my inner self shine..

I'm thankful to you my love.

I'll love you till infinity ☯️


My life is still rough but my darling made me believe in love 💟







Thank you ♥️

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