Dark lies of a WRITER

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~~Death clock~~

Tick tock tick tock ~

The clock was ticking,
Obviously why would time stop for me?
Wind was blowing,
Making my curtains to dance rhythmically
In this moonlit night.

Yet this was the usual night,
Like before.
I stared at the fan ,
Tracing its pattern in the air.
Slowly I gazed at my arms,
Tracing the patterns of my own charms.

I remembered those days when it was tough for me to stay.
I remembered those days ,
When I used to stare at those sharp blades,
Hiding them inside my drawer ,
They always waited to dance on my skin.

Once, twice , thrice
Oh how many times they made me cry.
The blood flowing off my skin,
Oh how I loved watching it.

The rope is hidden inside my closet,
Waiting for their chance,
To choke on this dead body with their grip.

But those were the days where,
I would've done it without wasting my time.

Tick tock tick tock ~
My clock snapped me out of my daze,
Smiling I thought it was just yet another phase.

Do you feel the same? Death clock ??

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