Dark lies of a WRITER

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~~Hanging alone~~

I wanna be alone,

Alone in this dark room.

These sinister walls of mine ,

They've seen me through,

They couldn't handle it.

They were accustomed,

With the acrimony of mine.

The scratches,

The blood,

All were the evidence of my bitter life.

The cut on my skin,

The burned flesh of mine.

They all reminded me of ,

How my imbecility ruined my life.

My life is full of sin,

That not even God can reanimate.

This misery of mine,

Will disappear soon.

As I looked back for the last time,

The room filled with sufferings and memories of mine.

I finally pushed the chair beneath me,

As I fall,

The rope balanced me.

Sucking out all of the air from inside.

Blue lips , pale face ,

Devoid of any blood in it,

Finally it was my end time.


Double update guys! I'm sorry for not being online , I'll update love and scar soon and nothing without you , please be patient with me. I'm not well and also my exams are going to start from next week.

Ik I'm being rude for late updating but you know na?


Have a nice day!


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