Pride Or a Disguise?

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[ Rhyming Tale Version ] [ Cliché Alert ] "It's time to tell a story About two souls rich in all glory When they collided Sparks ignited But they had their reasons To ignore that spark But will love blossom among all these messy spar?" They got married. No, they didn't sign a contract nor it was out of love neither arranged. The boy got married to shut his father's mouth about his single life and for further business benefits. The girl agreed to marry him. She wanted a new adventure cause she was simply bored. They agreed to make their knot temporary only in spoken words. Because as crazy it sounds but they trusted each other. They lived in different rooms under the same roof. Then the girl got charmed by her 'husband ' involuntarily. Then who wouldn't be charmed by the mysterious debonair tycoon? But she had her secrets too. *The cover's picture is from Instagram and belongs to its respective owner*

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Pretty Face

“You know our deal Aurora. You’re just a pretty face by my side” He said.

Aurora’s P.O.V :

I just want you to know
That I’m more than just a pretty face

Then why won’t you look?
The way you would never want to look away?

I know we didn’t start on a good note,
But is it too much to wish for?

That someday,

We would share the same love
like we share the same roof,

That we would flirt and joke around instead of
you staying aloof;

I know girls fawn over you,
Like I inwardly do,
But the difference is
Despite warning myself,
I’m fell for you;

I want to be more than just a pretty face
by your side,

With whom you would share your
joys and plight;

Though our knot is just a show
for one’s eye,
But I want you to say that
you want to ‘try’
Not for anything,
But for ‘us’,
That you’ll want me to be the artist
of your empty canvas ;

I know I’m sewing these wishes with invisible thread,
Because the outcome of this fate isn’t possible to avoid ;

I wish I could stay with you even if I can’t,
Cause endangering you
is something
my heart won’t grant;

That’s why,
I’m not going to try
To be more than just a pretty face
by your side.

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