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What is this?

What do you think.

I have no clue that’s why I asked


So are you going to answer my question...?

Hm...not yet. There’s still so many visuals.

Well...then why am I here?

That’s another good question. You do seem pretty pointless don’t you.

Well...yeah...but that’s not really something I like to talk about...

Perhaps so, but these all need to be addressed one way or another.

Ok...so what is my point here?


Expo- that’s my point...?

Did I stutter.

Erm...no I guess not. Even then, this hasn’t really explained much

You do seem to have your moments. Have you considered this is all a set up for the bigger picture? The primer on the canvas so to say.

Ah well that’s an odd way to put it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to refer to words and ink considering the whole point of a story?

Yes...I suppose that would make sense. Then again, it’s good to shake things up a bit.

That just seems a bit contrived

You’re one to talk.


That’s not the reaction I expected


Yeah...seems out of character

Oh are there different characters now.

Wait...wasn’t I-

Add a space of punctuation at the end of a sentence and out become a whole different person.

Who are you again...?

Pinstripe suit with no fabric in site

Ah, I see now


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