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Heavenqly Bound

May I find my name in the Book Of Life when it comes my time I will see the Glory Of God In Heaven?. I live to do God will to bring peace and do the plan He has in my life I to be a Peace Keeper Ambassador to the world. I try to forgive and forget the past I will live day by day and God forgiving for my mistakes and sins without judgement He not like humans bringing up my mistakes My love for Jesus Christ Almighty God is the same love I spread aout to all my famiy relatives Christian brothers and sisters.neighbors. Praying for our nation of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA For the panic in this world. With the Covid 19 virus. Not knowing how long this may last for. This world is full of evil and some good. Protest, demonstrations how much is the Media stiring up of fake news Democrats giving President Trump rough time before election day. hopping He will loose the election I'am here to bring love & peace to our world.

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith

July 22, 2020

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