The Real Drew

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Based in true experience of a woman's personal, sexual growth. Ended purposefully with question to what will happen.

Poetry / Romance
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Chapter 1


I was lost

I found you,

The Real Drew

Discovered a new me

Through you,

The Real Drew

Then I awoke scared, confused

But I had you,

The Real Drew

Couldn’t speak

Could barely see

Still I found you,

The Real Drew

Fell apart hurt myself

Rescued by you,

The Real Drew...


Next I heal I grow

Will I still know you,

The Real Drew

Don’t want to do this alone

I want you,

The Real Drew

Is he willing, capable

The Real Drew

Does he know his own worth

The Real Drew

Come with me you are now lost

The Real Drew

You’ve helped me

Let me help you

The Real Drew

You saw the real me

Before I even knew,

The Real Drew

Now I see you...

The REAL Drew



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