Seeking Within: Now

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An anecdotal anthology of my life told through poetry. Feel the raw emotions in my collection of poems and reflect on your own life through the non-filtered philosophy of my mind. Come take a ride with me through my past and maybe you'll reflect on your future.

Jon Wicky
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Self Portrait

The lonely man arose
To an emptiness deep inside
Within his walls it grows
This desire he can not hide
To his canvas he now goes
To paint the last of its kind

A painting that tells a tale
of a man whose seen it all
reflections of my past
now hang upon my wall

I close my eyes to see
and reflect upon the past
What shall this painting be
My time has come at last
to open myself to me
and paint this shadow that I cast

Reflect upon a memory
I see a lonely, distant mother
I see a confused distant child
who once hated his own color

To young was I to leave
and the truth of it quite sad
about a father I did not know
and two brothers I never had
Through my tears I did grow
to hate the man I called Dad

Out on my own at eighteen
Still wanting to be part of the crowd
Still wanting the approval of my mother
Still wanting to make my father proud

Acceptance finally shows
in an unexpected way
A relation starts to grow
then my father passed away
To my canvas he now goes
He's with me everyday

I married out of love
Separated much the same
Two people grew apart
with each of us to blame

She had been my best friend
and at time my worst enemy
In my heart I could not send
the compassion and sincerity
Now she's gone forever
Forever gone, a part of me

Once in a profession
that justified violence and misery
I'm not so sure now
if that's the kind of man I want to be

Fighting in a war
I never claimed to understand
Handing down orders
soldiers dying in my command
Their names never forgotten
lives lost in the sand

On my canvas they shall be
from my brush to my memory
I open my eyes to see
The portrait painted is me

I don't like what I've become
left only to ask myself how
and take a long hard lookat the man I am Now!

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