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A short list of some of my favorite poems that I have written over the course of my life between the years 1986 up through today. They say every great idea starts with an artist stroke of….well, you fill in the blank. Whatever ‘THAT’ is or may become, I extend my sincerest gratitude, acknowledgement and appreciation to those who have dared to dream and inspire to tell the world about it. Shine on you crazy diamond...

Jon Wicky
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Wicky is a Good Friend of Mine

There once was a God who created a universe in just a blink of an eye,

It starts when we pray and all ends the same way and maybe you’ll get the answers to your questions why?

big bang goes the start and that’s where we part until we all just wave goodbye. Started as pure energy add to that some love and that was the reason why. Some say that God did it but just won’t admit it, just to watch us be born and die

Wrath was a good friend of mine

There once was a man who created his own cell from deep, deep inside,

now he’s within from where we begin, from somewhere it won’t subside. Started in his head and ended when found dead and nobody really questions why. Some say that he did it and that’s why he hid it from those who never even tried

Gluttony was a good friend of mine

There once was a mother who created life from a bunch of x’s and y’s,

she birthed a son who turned out to be dumb and father lead to its own demise. It started right then and then she turned ten and that was the real surprise. Some say that he did it but just won’t admit it, now wave that little life goodbye

Lust was a good friend of mine

There once was a child who created a place to escape the space of reality,

one two three, I gotta go pee and what about me and when do I feel my mortality? It happened right then, a mortal life-immortal sin, now do it again but in a whole different parody. Some say it was done but you’re just too dumb to hear the fucking melody

Pride was a good friend of mine

There once was a machine that created its own thing from a bunch of ones and zeros,

A.I. created a game in which no one's the same and you get to play the hero. It started from code and evolved to erode the body of our lord and savior. Some say that it did it but just couldn’t fit it; the humanity into our behavior

Envy was a good friend of mine

There once was a planet that created a race that was supposed to be gentle and kind,

Earth gave all she had but the end of it quite sad, humans took more than they left behind. Two hundred thousand years gone by and now it’s time to say goodbye to our blue planet that was so hard to find. Some say that we did it just so we could win at that rat race that only exists in our mind

Greed was a good friend of mine

There once was a God who created a universe from a bunch of space and time,

It all starts the same way and ends when we pray, begging for forgiveness before we all die. The truth of it all, don’t expect them to call, until they’re down to their last goddamn dime

Wicky is a good friend of mine

-August 2020

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