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My Pen

August 1996

It strokes her emotions, with hopes to subside. That pain so deep, though she pretends to hide. Her feelings from him and the burning inside, which cries out for another far across the tide, which answers her back through my pen that I guide.

A triangle of three, who was wrong and who was right? One so willing to commit with white veil and blind sight. Now too blind to notice when she grips her pillow tight. Just a waste of years and the loneliest of nights. I can taste your tears through these words that I write.

For I too did commit, to a life now in the past. To a life without love and a courtship much too fast. To a women who gave me sorrow and a pain that still lasts. Through the days and through the nights, my pain I try to cast. To no success, I fail and through my pen I shall forecast.

That we both cry at night, so alone and so afraid. Our tears have stained our pillows where our weary heads laid. Upset with ourselves, with our dreams having strayed. We both would like to change some of the choices we have made. So before we fall asleep to the Lord we have prayed.

I pray for the departure of my broken hearts pain. You pray for the arrival of a love you can sustain. In our hearts we know our feelings still remain. A longing for one another, so strong we can't contain, will soon guide us both and clear our darken rain.

With my pen I write to you, it writes the words I need you to very much I miss you and I know our love will grow...through the days and through the nights across the tides I will row...just to wrap my arms around you and to wipe your tears that flow...from your heart that guides me, lights the path I will go.

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