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And Thus the Hunt Begins

25 January 1997

Two that stand alone, hungry once again. They know the pain of emptiness and thus the hunt begins.

One hunts for something special. One hunts for something more. They both want it better, better than before.

They stalk unaware... the existence of the other. They stalk unaware...they are hunting one another.

He's a hunter who enjoys the hunt like so many times he's done. He's confident and secure, he hunts only just for fun.

He protects his emotions, behind his wall of care. If you want to claim victory, do not show them, do not dare.

Behold in front of him, his prey before his eyes. So little does he know, she soon will demoralize.

He raises his weapon and prepares for the attack. Ready to claim another, his charm has the knack.

With instinct in her eyes, she looks as if to abide, then she reaches through his wall and stirs the emotions deep inside.

He feels different in this hunt, it's his prey he did find. Staring back with innocence so gentle and so kind.

No longer can he strike, he falls victim to her way. She holds him just so close, he'll do anything she say.

Now indeed she's got him as she slowly closes the gap. She used her eyes as her ally and his own charm to spring the trap.

She fills him with lies of love, deceit and trickery. She takes him for all he's worth and then claims the victory.

She lives a hunters life, mixing innocence with sin. She's hungry for another, so she's off on the hunt again.

He who had thought he was Master Of The Game. Learned a lesson of his own, from a women he could not tame.

Although he truly loved her, now he is more the wise. Never become the hunted by a wolf in disguise.

Again he stands alone, hungry for love and not the win. He seeks fulfillment in his heart...and thus the hunt begins.

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