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Love Only Hurts When Your Not There

25 January 1997

Once again the night comes. I close my eyes to sleep. Thoughts of you all through my head, then quietly I begin to weep.

Alone in this world of darkness. No other pain can compare, than this pain that I deeply feel, when your just not there.

My lost little voice, cries out your name. No one to hear my screams of my weeping hearts pain.

My tears taste of blood. My eyes grow black and teary. I slip deeper into darkness, as my heart grows weak and weary.

Lost in this world of darkness, which my heart cannot bare, stands this little boy afraid because you are no longer there.

But soon the day will come when your kiss will dry my tears. Then the darkness will turn to light and your love will drown my fears.

Now only time stands between us, in which my heart beats only for you. I play back our memories. I only wish now they'd come true.

That day when I get to see you, my love will be beyond compare. I will no longer hurt because you will be there.

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