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Finding a Friend Within You

December 2010

How does it feel to have a love so true? One so rare to come but to those it too, ignites the spark in all that they do. It will awaken your soul which is deep within you.

Burning so bright, she has lit my way. Leading me to a place where our souls now play. To shine on my darkness and to brighten my day. With her soft, subtle smile and the kind words that she say.

Fulfilling our hearts our souls now run. Free from the bonds that had made us none. Our once empty hearts now shine upon the sun. In our race for happiness, we cross the line as one.

She is the missing piece that makes me whole. She is my true north on the compass of my soul. She is the solution to the problem that plagues us all. She is my angel in heaven who catches my fall. She is my happiness, my bliss and my song. She is my right when everything else is so wrong.

Can you feel the magic between us two? I can feel it when we kiss, I can feel it within you. Our souls having found what was lost once ago. Now dance within our hearts and through our eyes we now show; a love unmasked and a bond that will grow, cast onto the pages and into the heavens it will go.

So how does it feel to have a love so true? Well, it's as good as finding a long lost friend that has always been within you.

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