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My Little Bluebird

18 Jan 2018

Little bluebird sings so happy and so free. Oblivious to the darkness that has taken what's left of me. Shine on little bluebird, fly high and you'll see, that you're better than I ever was, am, or ever will be.

I only wanted to show you a path in which to fly. I only wanted to guide you past the dangers in the sky, but that time is somewhat lost and now it's time to say goodbye. Now rest little bluebird and please don't question why.

If I could have said something, “sorry” is on my mind. If I could have left something, “love” is what you’d find. But all that’s left is gone and I know what I did was wrong, now just an empty shell all gone, never to hear again your song.

Little bluebird awakens all alone and so afraid. He left without a word, no goodbye, just betrayed; by the one he had once loved so strong and so brave, now gone into the storm, into a life's early grave.

Battered by confusion by the wind in the storm. Questions about the reasons start to quickly take form. Little bluebird sits, still waiting, still alone. Frightened by the thought of Father never returning home.

Little bluebird waits, so very cold and now so numb, to the thought of Father Bluebird and what they say he has become. Pain fills his heart and despair starts to run, as he leaps from his empty nest; renouncing his Father without a son.

Little bluebird falls then quickly takes flight. He's not like his Father who died that dark and stormy night, as he climbs up through the clouds, it begins to feel right, as if lifted by a hand and guided by a light. Little bluebird fly's; above it all he soars tonight.

As little bluebird sings, flying so happy and so free. He is reminded of his Father who only wanted to see, his little bluebird shinning so brightly next to me. You now fly better than the man you'll one day see; that a Father's love for his son is forever eternally and even a life without him, forever within him you'll always be.

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