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13 June 2019

I'm just a simpleton. Living a simple dream. Busy growing wiser by the minute, or so however many minutes it may seem.

Some want it all. Overindulgence is their scheme. Busy showing the world that their life is what they beam.

Me, I'm content in the simplicity of life and all that it may bring. Satisfied to watch a sunset or to hear the wild winds sing.

Busy connecting with nature and growing wiser it may seem. The real wisdom is realizing you're the master of your dreams.

Most dream of being wealthy above love, happiness, and peace. Living out their own ego while their humanity becomes deceased.

In a world that's alive all around us screaming get this madness off my skin. We devour more than our fair share around us and kill each other from within.

We're like an ugly cancer that spreads across our beautiful land. Killing everything around us sold to us as the righteous bureaucratic hand.

Sold to us in bulk, for the righteousness can cast no sin. Living like a God riding a wave that will one day come crashing in.

Now awake to tomorrow, A man who finds happiness, living the simplest of days, will hear about tomorrow unfolding in a much stranger kind of way. It's just that simple for a simpleton wouldn't you simply say?

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