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Seeking Within: Now

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The Rules Of The Game

We’re all brought into this game without any knowledge of the rules. Some become the masters, while others play the fools:

I began by playing Chutes and Ladders,
where the leader often swaps
I experienced many ups and downs,
the roller coaster never stops
The only thing I ever learned,
was that it’s lonely at the top

But then Sorry was an odd game to play
If I ever found you in my way,
I’d take great pleasure in sending you back,
back from where you came
But sorry was never something I’d say!

Then I learned subconsciously
capitalism playing Monopoly
The art of the steal,
I got a raw deal
I can’t afford bail,
so I’ll just stay here in jail
For me this is not just an analogy

Risk is not too fun
Ruling is how the game is won,
by actively killing everyone

The only risk is not to be out done

So I continued on to the game called Life,
where the rules are too complicated,
so I get frustrated,
buy a house, then take a wife
I try and I struggle,
then find myself in trouble;
caught in a web of my own strife

But with all the games in this life I’ve played,
there’s one that’s still the best
I still never learned all those stupid rules...
perhaps that’s why I’m so stressed,
’cuz I’m just out here playing Checkers,
while everyone else is playing Chess

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