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Time Travel Dilemma: Spaceslug

28 September 2021

[Inspired by: search song; push-play]

Looking back and riding ahead
I can remember what’s in my head
I never knew if it was me
or if it was who I pretended to be

…I am now, blocking the hole
…fly to the sun, in search of my soul

Hear me please 'cause I want to share; my words, my heart and how much I care about your happiness, 'cause life isn’t fair, it’s much too short but it’s too long to bare a life without love with regrets and despair is no life at all and your soul will soon tear apart at the seam and it will seem to wear until it’s all gone and there’s nobody there

...flying high and searching below
...I wonder now if I've lost control

It’s clear to me what I can no longer see that your future becomes the death of me. Before I go where do I begin. In a sea of darkness, I soaked in my sin, sinking deeper I drowned from within. I live to die and do it all over again

…flying high, now I’m out of control
…I search myself 'cause I lost my soul

Looking ahead and falling behind
Search yourself and you shall find
a better man with a better mind
be true to yourself, and don’t be blind

…fly high too son, now take control
…search yourself both high and low
...fill your heart with love to show
...don’t block your heart, fulfill your soul this is how you love, learn, and grow, but I'm sure this is time you already know

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