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18 March 2020

They say you go through life, forming your cocoon of reality along the way. Emerging out from the other side, hopefully growing a little wiser each day.

So each night when I lay down to drift my waking senses asleep. I allow my mind to break the boundaries where my aging body keep.

Consciously unaware of my soul's journey traveled. I return to a world where everything has unraveled.

Beings are being inhuman, while compassionate human beings no longer believe, what they are seeing to be something an intelligent human being could even conceive.

The hate that divides us all is aimed to feed the greed, power and hypocrisy. Which is the same hate that feeds this American illusion of democracy.

While those at the top would rather have us all focused on all the lies that hurt, gag, or choke us. While lining their pockets as mother earth dies below us.

Which leads one to understand the shallow depths of their soul. As the big wheel turns, just don't disrupt the flow....of big money turning, more money, must grow...designed to feed the rich, yet starve the poor, just pay your taxes, or Go!

Why don't you just say how you really feel and the things you inherently know? Or are you scared about the role you play in this circus you call a show? Perhaps maybe one day, yes one day, one day you will grow. Into a wiser version of yourself; one who understands the roles we all play. One who understands the dance between each human being whom work together each day, in perfect harmony with mother nature would be a better kind of way in order to change the conscious mind of man to hopefully stand as one and say.

We are all one consciousness, one people, one kin. We must value one another we must not buy, sell or sin. We must love one another, no matter who, where, or when; displaying compassion in our hearts in order to slay the demon from within.

Then maybe one day we can heal our blue planet from our own human race. Because there is no goddamn winner when we all share the same space.

In what I call the simulator. Sie(M)-u-Later, Ace!

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