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The Lonely Man

[Search song by Dennis McCarthy; theme from The Incredible Hulk; the TV series. Start reading lyrics 14 seconds in and follow the melody]

I feel so blue
It can’t be true
What can I say
Words in the way

Me and you
What can we do
I try

There comes a day
two drift away, from
a love
That once was made, from
When said and done
…our time has come

No battles won
Our love is numb
It breaks my heart
We’ve grown apart

You and I
Our love has died
I abide

Then came the day
two walked away, from
a love
That each once had, from
What can I do
It’s just me
…without you

and now
My time has come, to
move on
It will be hard, to
stay strong
There’ll come a day
it’ll slowly drift away
I’ll be okay
to cry

i cry

20 October 2021

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