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Love but Why?

15 November 1990

Is love really so hard to understand?

..........could it be?.............

A man, a women walking hand in hand, as they touch, as they kiss, as they sink to the sand

Some say love is a mysterious thing. We bond our love with a symbolic wedding ring. We close with a kiss, as the angels sing

But what makes us fall in love? How do we know when it is right? How do we know when to let go and when to hold on to it tight?

Could it be....the wonderful things we feel? Maybe that's why we fall in love??? To live and to not love...that is a thought that I couldn't even dream of

But love is not to be questioned. We play our cards one by one. Somedays you get dealt a winner, while others you fold and run

So to those who might sit and wonder about the mystery of love and why, life is way too short to question....and besides.....isn't true love worth the try?

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