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Romeo & Juliet

Inspired from William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet and the album: Sad Piano Music Collective - Sad Songs; titled: Romeo and Juliet (track 13, length 3:18). I encourage you to play the song while reading along. This will enhance your experience. This piece begins just as Romeo discovers Juliet in her tomb and takes his poison just as Juliet awakens from her sleep. Begin reading on the first note; syncing the piano to the lyrics.


I should
drink this where you stood
Tell me and I would
Only for our good

Only for you, dear
Just to be, near
Not to feel, fear
Not to be

Your free
How I love, thee
Now so lonely
and so I die


Oh, dear
What have you done, here
It’s clear you adhere to my fears
My love,
is not

How I love, thee
Now so angry
Now so lonely
Now I can’t be

Now they’ll see, me
How we,
'Cause I won’t go on without my love
There’s no-one else sent from above
to take, away
my pain, this day
Oh Romeo please hear me say

Come heed my plea and take away
Unsheathe all my love as I pierce myself to cut out all this pain
all this pain in my heart that still cries out your name
all this pain in my soul
all this pain I now know
all this pain we’re apart
all this pain bleeds my heart

all the love we once shared
all the love can’t compare
all the love that you gave
all the love you can’t save
all the love now be brave
hear me love
please call out
my name
my love,
and I’ll come find you again

This is not about being a Montague or Capulet.
This is about two young lovers who’s names you won’t soon forget.
A true love story that came and then went.
It’s about the romance of young Romeo and his sweet Juliet.

20 November 2021

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