After The Snap

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Can I re-up, double back

Hit my supply, my stash spot

Go to the well one more time?

I got you on my mind

I wanna get high

I am sitting here tripping ’cause I don’t know
where the time has gone,

I feel like a stoner in my cartoon t-shirt Where is my bong?

’Cause my high is coming down, something’s slipped my mind.

If I look I still won’t find, ’cause I’m all out of love and of time.

Man, I could use a re-up.

Can I get a re-up?

I haven’t smoked since college, but it feels like
I need to get high above the clouds.

I wanna make myself a sandwich, watch a little
TV, play my records too loud.

In comes reality, definition of insanity, life
and its routine, monotony.

I feel like the boy who is scraping change from the underside of my seat Cushions or the ashtray of my car or change from piggy, that’s supposed to be for washing clothes.

I’m on empty, running out of gas, this
love can’t go far

Until I get a re-up.

Can I get a re-up? Yeah!

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