After The Snap

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Earth in her care and consciousness,

Wind’s flexibility, spontaneity, easy going,
positive, forward minded, demure, kind.

Fire which emblazoned a trail through her essence to mine

Through her excellence, hardened like refined silver

Aggressive, assertive, knows what she wants,
vigorous in her lovemaking

Tireless in her kingdom duties, convicted by her spirit and her character.

Water, the true life source, sensitive enough
to share what pains she feels.

Real enough to not allow it to stop her—although
she may have to yield.

Cleanliness next to her godliness, her care for plants and people and animals alike.

Love the hardest of the elements to find can’t be synthetically

Created or bootlegged.

There is no magic potion.

Love, all encompassing, passionate, honest, true.

Elements like those of Earth, Wind & Fire.

If each of these elements exist in one being—and I believe they do—

Then you’d not only have my devotion

I’d be in love with you!

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