After The Snap

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(Between a rock and a heart place)

I’m between a rock and a heart place

My head is spinning

Hit with flurries I’m on an island

In the center of a storm.

My mind is in a fragile state

I just want a clean slate

My current purgatory

Wiped away clean

I wanna awake to find it was all a dream.

I want to say I miss you

But that’s not entirely true.

What I miss is more than you

More than you could provide

More of the stuff that’s found inside.

The look in her eyes

More than her walk,

More in her way

Beauty found on the inside.

Resilient, natural, effortless

This breeze flows unpredictably

Vigorously, definitely.

No one likes to be alone

But I’d prefer to be in a lion’s den

Than to spend another day with you

If you are not the one.

I heard them say divorce is a sin.

So is wasting time

On someone who you don’t think of as friend

So we must brace ourselves for the end.

All this time gone by, all we did right was pretend.

Hey at least there are no kids involved,

Our one positive spin!

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