After The Snap

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I must be missing the forest for the trees.

Am I epidemically too naïve?

It is through my journey

I became totally free.

Gotta stop

Trying to connect

Every dot.

Some experiences are round trip

Some abruptly stop.

Thus the ride I’ve been on

Never reaching that crescendo.

A series of bad notes

Unlike those other blokes

I have the wisdom gained from such epic fails.

I glean understanding from where I made missteps

I look forward to setting sail.

The deep blue sea, sink into the depths

My sub selfishness, been trying to narrate

For too long, time to escape.

Where to? An island off the coast of my

Wildest dreams, fantasies, reality.

Setting new norms, while discovering the most breathtaking forms

Where love was once frail, I pray she finds herself back to me thick.

It’s gonna be showtime all the time #Magic.

Not too much, never too little, or too high or too low.

Knowing my ceiling never reaching the bottom

The scales of my desires must be evenly weighted

what you expect when you’re born in the autumn.

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