After The Snap

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Inspired by Prince

It does matter what shape they find me in.

Will I look downtrodden, sad or worried

Or happy with a grin?

Will I be slain, or die peacefully in my 80’s?

Who will deliver my eulogy?

Who did I spend my last days with and how?

What did I eat? What did I wear?

Was there any foul play?

Did my former loves shed any tears?

What will be spoken of how I lived in the dash?

Did I suffer or go fast?

What will my friends say when asked

What kind of guy was he?

Did he live passionately?

Or did he live passively

Letting opportunity pass him by?

Did I ever become whole?

Or am I just the sum of a lot of unfinished and uneven parts

Which explains the concern over the condition of my heart?

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