After The Snap

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Was there an alternative ending

One where my demise would have been different?

Is any of this even important?

Did I receive a warning?

Have I already missed the alarm?

Was it someone close to me who did me harm?

Who am I survived by?

What did I die for?

Did I leave a legacy behind?

Will my deeds be forever remembered,

Favorably looked upon as a man who was

One of a kind?

Now that I’m finished will I be a cautionary tale

For everyone’s life to start?

Or is this another life in passing

Over the condition of my heart?

In my afterlife will I receive the answers

To all life’s great mysteries?

Will it be as important to me then

In the end?

What will matter?

Money spent, things scattered

Amongst family and friends, charity

Who felt my unwavering love, sacrifice?

Is heaven a destination or is it a part of the life

We share with each other on Earth.

What will be made of my art?

Will it be used as the final epithet

Memorialized eternally as the condition of my heart?

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