After The Snap

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I would like to thank my poetry sister Ronda TruFiyah Lloyd Peck. Having her read this book and challenge me to become a better poet was everything.

I also want to thank my mama and my father for telling me the truth during this period of transition. To my brothers Mikhail and my twin Roshia and his lovely wife Dachan they were my rocks during this time period. My sister-cousin Felicia Burnside (Frog),as she came to check on me to keep my spirits lifted during a low point. I appreciate each of your love and support.

Thank you, Tameka Forte for reading, and Jenna Mack for counseling and praying for me throughout this ordeal. I want to thank the “Love Jones,” my soulful friends from Ohio who found me in NC and helped me curate not only my art, but other artists and lots of great music during this era.

To my good friend Chad Lockhart, thank you for your empathy and sharing some of the adventures on the road to recovery. To Kish McCray, Shannon Douglas and Zaria Davis Humphries, Tesha Lowery my Wilberforce brothers and sisters who held me down, thank you.

Now last, but certainly not least, to my beautiful wife ReShockie “My Nina”, thank you for finding me, seeing me, and restoring me (more on her in subsequent writing <3).

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