After The Snap

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I was there before the snap, but my part as a sisterly companion on this journey would not be well written in until the “after.” Before then I merely glanced at the pages of what I know now to be a perfectly imperfect masterpiece. The thing about K.Furnace is that he loves the art of speaking, or rather writing on love almost as much as he loves love itself. This is why in the coming pages you will find yourself completely drawn in... because that’s what love does... It draws you in. Even when it’s painful it still has a way of being compelling. Even when it’s crushing, it never ceases to bare its beautiful side at the end. And this is why even once we’ve become casualties to its pitfalls, often many times over, we still find ourselves on the uncertain road that leads to Love.

The beautiful part is when we are fortunate enough not to have to travel the painful places alone. Insert “After the Snap.” K.Furnace takes you on a journey of loving, losing and hoping to find. It is the sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, poetic pouring of his own reality on the written page so that you may find healing or just know that you’re not alone. His writing is sentimental, mellow, powerful, yet smooth; picture Common telling poetic lullabies in between sips of the finest cognac and you will sense the velocity of this work.

After the Snap is an ultra-transparent rending of a man’s soul who has crossed love’s dangerous terrain and made it to the other side. Therefore he can be trusted to curate you through your own journey of navigating love’s painful parts. Whether you are reading for healing, pleasure, or simply because you love great poetry that is authentic and able to paint a clear picture, you have come to the right place. The words you will read after these will change you in ways that you won’t expect, so get comfortable and take it all in. Beauty awaits... After the Snap.


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