After The Snap

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If mother earth picked a mate

father time, it could only be.

For love’s sake, they procreate.

Their love’s child, is her beauty incarnate.

Your toys are the rainbows.

Scenic views, picturesque

landscapes, clear cascading

clouds adorn your skyline.

When you cry, it always rains.

When you fall in love the earth quakes.

Someone, somebody out there

Must have heartache to balance out.

Because you’ve been given so much

That when you and I touch.

Joining our lives, hearts, souls,

People are made well.

The lame can walk; the mute can talk.

The tone deaf harmonize like angels singing before the creator.

There’s not much your essence can’t do.

The proof is running waters from springs
giving way to waterfalls.

As robins fly over, cycling the growth of berries, dandelions, and clovers. Your grace is amazing.

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