After The Snap

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The narrative of Charlie Brown. (Lucy)

“So you want to hold the ball still

so I can kick?”

As soon as I get close, you move it

I know that trick.

Lucy, sometimes you make me sick.

You need to quit.

Stop being such a hateful bitch.

“This time you swear you’ll let me kick?”

I believe you, so I fall for it.

I take my position for my running start.

On my sleeve is where I wear my heart.

So mark, get set, ready, I’ll go running towards.

I’m such a hopeful romantic, that I must be a bore.

Predictable but great guy at my core.

Maybe I’m finally gonna get what I was waiting for.

As the ball sails through the air

I can hear the crowd roar.

I need her to keep the ball still.

I’m too trusting I’m betting she will.

After years of trying it’s gonna be my biggest thrill.

All the playing games I’ve had my fill.

Tired of falling for the okey doke.

Losing my footing falling head over heels.

My kicking this proverbial ball is real.

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