After The Snap

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If Donald “Duck” Matthews and Julian “Murch” Murchison were morphed together, it would be YOU! This has been the running joke for the last 10 plus years, but I never really explained to you how I arrived at these 2 fictional characters. “Duck” has a DEEP love and passion for music and words. The way words are strung together. Their sounds, tones, textures. The feelings they give when read, sang and/or spoken. “Murch” has quiet confidence and is far more brilliant than he presents at times. He doesn’t like conflict but isn’t afraid to stand tall and strong for what he believes. When you shared your poetry with me years ago, to me, it reads like music. You cannot help but hear melodies and rhythms. I could hear so many different artists from different genres creating your words and bringing them to life. They would get to experience words and music in such a way that they would never look at the 2 the same again. Fast forward to 2020, the year of clear vision. My friend, my brother is sharing his gift with the world and I couldn’t be more proud. All of those late nights and constant revisions, sharing your thoughts and dreams has manifested. The world will FINALLY come to know your gift in the way I have for over twenty-five plus years.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The New York Times Best Seller, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize Literature Recipient...Kian A. Furnace.

We’re speaking these things into existence!

I. Tameka Forte’ AKA Mohagany Brown

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