After The Snap

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This year more than anything

Store bought, online purchase

A piece of jewelry and a new purse.

I’m giving out a double serving of me.

I know for several years on the subject of romance

I took a hard stance never making time

Work is the other woman, excuse after excuse.

Other woman barely now gets a second glance.

It’s hard putting in the time and effort to do all things.

It is said that you can’t serve two masters.

So in recognition of the season, in the spirit of good tidings

I, being me, fully. I’m here a day earlier than expected.

I come bearing gifts.

I want to make up for all the times you’ve been neglected.

This love of ours is respected.

You are the why, and what I do this for.

That’s why you are worth more to me than anything I could buy in the store.

After opening up your presents

After the food, the family

I just want to relax in your presence.

Indulge in your essence

I vow to try to fulfill your every wish.

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