After The Snap

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Inspired by Bobby Caldwell’s 1980 something hit.

Also Biggie’s Sky Is the Limit

Like pulling two pieces of plywood apart.

Stuck together for a period of time.

When separated there will be pieces of me left over on you, and you on me.

Granted our glue wasn’t strong enough to join us together for all eternity.

Who’s to say who is to blame.

Plus, I don’t want to play that game.

All that matters is both of us made it out. Mostly unscathed by the flame.

My world up in smoke, we are both culpable, enough blame to go around.

Devastated as I am, I can’t escape the sound.

The walls coming down around me for years.

The wheels on our love stopped on the side of the road with a flat tire.

What’s immaterial and unimaginable is how we got to this world ending fire.

Inside and out, uncontrolled, inextinguishable.

It’s not very plausible how two people got here.

I will always have my regrets.

For this I burn a candle.

Perhaps our love was more than the universe could handle.

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