After The Snap

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I’m saddened most days burdened by the way things ended

If there was an apology appropriate. A gesture impending

My knees bending.

Instead divorce imminent. This is not ok!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect we to be me.

Makes me appreciate a time not so distant.

Instead I’m in this foreign land.

How did we end up on two separate sides of this thing?

I want answers this instant. But there’s nothing more to say.

You stopped wearing your ring, I stopped caring.

Now there’s no communication, we have no peaceful dealing.

A lot of hurt feelings. I don’t know if it’s true,

An acquaintance saw you and heard you diss me.

Those lips used to kiss me. We used to pray together

Lord help me. That rocked me to the core.

I guess I’ll be on my Baisden.

I’m a has-been, and there’s no more love in your heart.

Tonight I cry in the dark.

It’s unfortunate we had to end this way.

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