After The Snap

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Wherever you might be

I hope I have a chance to search

The world over for thee.

I’m in the middle of a do-over currently.

I pray for you, love sight unseen

Just about every night I see you in my dreams. Like this one...

I’m eating in a Denny’s in a one traffic light town.

Suddenly the place clears out and there’s no one else around.

You and I make eyes; I don’t crap out no snake eyes.

In fact, all sevens.

As you go on about this and that, neither of us close to leaving

Unless its arm in arm. As we sip coffee so warm.

No matter where she comes from when she comes in.

Time is of the essence.

Patience is a virtue as I hold out hope for love so true.

Gotta have something to believe in

Hold on to.

Love wherever you might be,

I have a feeling from reading the tea leaves.

Love in close proximity.

I’m her biggest fan

She’s my dream come true.

A lot of people are rooting for us

Before they even know you.

I may be starting over.

This time in hopes to win

I’m looking for my lover.

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