After The Snap

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Get another chance

I will make the most of love

I will be celebrated, make a toast

for love.

I’m optimistic despite the haunting

Peculiarly missing a ghost for love

I already have this thing imagined

How great the opportunity.

If I can just get up the nerve

To tell you what I need.

I need you

I need you

My heart beats for you

Cut my veins I bleed for you.

I look out for the tea leaves I take heed for you.

I have a word to share with you, perhaps a cup of coffee with my boo.

So I could sit across the table and stare at you.

To pledge my undying love for you

No other’s love would ever do

I need you.

It would delight me

Surprise me, like candle light.

In the moonlight, 33 floors high.

At a piano bar gazing out at stars in the sky.

If I ever get the chance to make my dream come true.

I need you.

I need you. I love you!

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