After The Snap

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No I guess I won’t be getting

Any children named after me

To grow up, I’m glad I waited.


Divorce is hard, but I have comfort

Divorce is hard, but I have comfort.

Surely you jest, you can’t be serious.

Seriously, your cerebral cortex must be deficient

Curious with the dearth of quality.

Male prospects, good luck finding a man this decent.

I admit luck with women is non-existent.

I made my peace for my mistakes

For those I repent.

I’m happy to seek a soul mate who

Will understand me and know what I meant.

One who fuels me up and refuels me after all my energy is spent.

In one regard I’m at a loss,

Adrift in a solitude like no other.

Licking my wounds, taking inventory: one lost lover.

Painstakingly in rebuilding mode.

Is this a manifestation of bad karma, reaping what I sowed?

Today I breathe a sigh of relief.

I become relieved that I can escape with my life, nothing owed.

No children were harmed in the departure.

It just wasn’t my time yet to be a father.

Repeat... I guess you won’t be naming no children after me...

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