After The Snap

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Crazy set of circumstances left me exposed and vulnerable.

What was supposed to be unbeatable was waiting many nights at the Kitchen table naked.

In full retreat mode secretly I’m in denial, like I could’ve done more.

I was under prepared for the type of attack my relationship would undergo. Straight up psychological war.

Now closing in on a year since she left, neither one of us operates at our optimal. We were stripped down to the naked truth, alone inside our truth that was so primal.

Imagine awakening to a fire set ablaze, uncontrollable. My Phoenix and Her boundless energy cease to be as I prepared for you to leave me.

Can one ever truly prepare for a tornado, hurricane or other natural disaster? No amount of assurance is solace enough for the injured.

My emotions range from “she got some nerve” to “maybe this is what I deserve.”

Now I’m in a place where I just want to recognize me, and I hope not to recognize her as who we were when we parted ways in opposition to who we could be.

I reconcile my time and my mission was completed. Still those sharp set Of circumstances pierce me at night and haunt me in my dreams. Not easily deleted. Cracks in heart enough to let the sunshine beams

Through photosynthesis I’m hoping to reach my proposed heights.

Though I may suffer, I endure.

As I look back on my journey I sojourn, while facing my truth.

I may come up with the vaccination, treating the symptoms or inventing The cure. For a broken heart!

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