After The Snap

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Lauryn Hill Unplugged (Kian breakfast in bed)

I shouldn’t spend so much time in the forlorn

Saddened by the mistakes that haunt me

The past for which I cannot change is gone for good

Rinsed down the drain.

And that’s a good thing.

A filtration system meant to recycle in

The fresh experiences and insights that will

Quench my thirst.

I wasn’t the last and I won’t be the first.

Love is a lot like water, or a running spring,

Or maybe a well

Time will tell if this levy will break again,

If my heart bursts open it could become a tsunami,

The epic disaster would be immeasurable

Carnage that devastates all who cross the path.

The pain is palpable, disease is incurable,

The number of affected people

Is a toll, that is non-billable.

The water I speak of can be a stream in a meadow,

It can be redirected as she could be swimming

Upstream with a different fellow.

My heart is yellowed, afraid of this angry sea,

Mighty storm torrential rain before me.

Never mind that I can’t swim,

Couldn’t save you if I tried,

Besides, who can swim and cry?

I’ve drowned in my failures drifting along

Now it’s a combination of destiny and time.

Will I beach at a paradise or beaten by the rocks while floating downstream. Sublime.

The water is a force, the beach beckons, can’t have earth sans water. Can’t have food, can’t have rain, can’t have showers, baths, soak pain Away, rinse away, drink to cure, can be serene and pure.

Visceral, Celestial, natural, perennial, preferential, moving about my earth Directing my new flow. Cleansing me, letting it all go taken away lost in Your ocean living off the idea that inside me will one day again grow.

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