After The Snap

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Socially conscious the new sexy

Imagine seeing out of your third eye

Knowing the questions, the answers, the reasons why.

Lately what’s vexing me

Is the hunger games society preying on its young

Can’t pray in schools

Kids play with guns

Leaving after 9th grade grown in physical

So underdeveloped in soul and spirit.

Hypnotized by misogynist lyrics

Devils conscripts, almost a script followed

Exact over 400 years, mighty mystics humbled

Demurred and docile.

Meanwhile we got a national Debate.

I wonder if our prayers reach the head of state

Now he wears a black face, but so do they!

Socialized health care, socially devoid of faith, socially fucked

Socialized networked society, trending topic.

Psychologically, sociologically fucked!

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