After The Snap

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Reprint – Luther’s I Who Have Nothing

I who am broken

I who have spoken too soon

As I now have no one

It’s now a year in June.

I have been lost deserted

Adrift in a sea of my own emotions.

I’m intermittently frenzied to frozen

Numb to the reality of my shattered heart.

This was a clean break, no soft tissue fracture.

Who will help me pick up the pieces?

That is going to be the hardest part.

I who’ve been knowing

I who, can’t tell if he’s coming or going.

They look at you with sorrow in their eyes

More like that poor poor man.

They can see the sadness inside

They can read as my pen just cries.

I couldn’t pretend anymore

No amount of sedative can conceal these lies

Now that the world knows, and can have a good laugh at me

I lay broken on this tiny apartment floor, disgusted at
what I see.

I without a home

I have a roommate but he lives alone.

I’m conspicuous to the eyes as her absence is my alibi.

I who have regretfully

I who contextually have replayed our final hours in the

Can’t go back to the time machine that haunts me in my mind.

This kind of torture is what blurs the line

Between the living and the dead.

This is too much pain and suffering for mankind.

I who if I saw you tomorrow

Would have so much to say.

I who wondered what I could have done

to make you stay.

I who on my knees do pray

For your successful recovery

Run from all your demons and if any of them are me

Or your ability to love completely

Heal your mind free your body

I hope this time away gives you the perspective

Peace and serenity.

I have nothing more but my deepest apology

I lay broken in my own apathy.

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