After The Snap

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My spin on life

If you stick around long enough

Things will eventually work out.

My sin in life is I may not

Recognize the signs the first go round.

If I make it to heaven will I get the benefit of doubt?

In my next life will I author thoughts profound

Now that would be hot?

If I could invent something like the internet

I could find a cure for most things.

Imagine being able

To help human being’s new wife

Champion the cause of humanity

These accomplishments would pale in comparison

To my nightmare to end my first life.

My subsequent separation and detachment from my first wife.

Waiting on number two, the start of

Those lifetime achievement honors

Receiving my Nobel, and thanking my inspiration of love.

In love and war all is fair.

On a destination to cloud #9

Are we almost there—just in time!

I could remember thinking how it all ended too fast!

Simultaneously another story is being told.

I remember reaching my hands to the sky

Telling the clouds, At Last!

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