After The Snap

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Order can’t be restrained

My love can’t be contained

What we have can’t be explained

Some might even say strange.

My world was turned upside down

I’m forever changed.

The ups the downs

The ins and outs

I have no pause or doubts.

It’s crazy it’s unstable

Then again so are we.

Flying by the seat of our pants

Call it what you will

Others want to call us names

Peace just won’t be still

They won’t let us chill

People wonder what’s our deal.

They want to bring in the white coats

Take us to the 8th floor

Fill us with their medicine

Tell me we can’t see each other no more

Unless we tell them why we are so crazy in love.

They want our secrets, they want our looks

Our giggles, our touch, they want to extract

They say they want to borrow

They won’t give it back.

True love is to the bone like marrow

It’s to the padded rooms for us two.

They can beat me black and blue

I’ll survive ’cause the promise of our love will get me through.

No drug can be prescribed

No upper or downer

I’m already high.

My mood is altered by the mention of her name

I know she feels the same

We will be together again real soon.

She finishes the lyrics on our loony tune!

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