After The Snap

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I thought it naturally

Celestial greetings

From birds chirping

Sweet smelling you

Greeted by smiling, happy you.

I can’t help but feel like love cheated both of us

Not every story has a heroin who

Saves the day.

Some stories are devoid of a happy ending

I’m trying to find my silver lining.

At first I cried myself to sleep

Playing the what if game

That’s one you can’t win

Can’t look back

Gotta learn to forgive.

I was willing to sacrifice my happiness

In order to give, give, give.

Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip

I kept waiting for a breakthrough

But one never turned up.

So a year has passed

No sign of you

Time is moving fast

Perhaps in a vacuum.

I have sucked away your scent

No more perfume

I have yet to cast

Away all those demons

Perhaps the voices in your head

Talk to me too.

I hope I meet someone who

Makes me just as crazy

In love too!

To me that would be winning

It would be my silver lining.

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