After The Snap

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In 2012 my world shattered in two. It was the beginning of the summer, and I received a phone call that my wife of 5 years had decided to leave me. For the better part of the spring we had toiled in a downward spiral toward our eventual demise. The news, in all honesty, was long overdue. In fact it was like a game of chicken; we were waiting to see who would blink first.

There were no kids harmed in the making of this breakup. I was tasked with starting over unprepared, brokenhearted, and 3 years shy of my 40 birthday. I was afraid and a little ashamed of being almost 40 with no kids, no wife, and was about to leave our marital home to become a bachelor again with a roommate.

Let me first say that under most life-altering changes like these you should consider some sort of therapy, and/or counseling. Even religious advice should be considered, in most cases, in order to gain some coping skills, understanding and perspective to help you not go crazy with self-doubt, anger or blame.

My poetry filled this void. I wrote steadily about my pain to distract my pain and to share my pain. Through my writing I have created a snapshot of this time in my life circa June 2012. My writing is an amalgamation of fear, self-doubt, regret, hurt, hope, and healing.



Written After, During and Before

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