After The Snap

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(I have no fucking clue) Robin Thicke final
2:32 of I Don’t Know!

I don’t know how it feels to be You…

But I also refuse to call something green when it’s Blue!

You claim to hold on to this notion of the Truth


The most convenient truth is lies

Hidden in plain View

We are losing time, patience

Hair, and gaining Weight.

You don’t see my frustration, clothed in my apathy

Toward your viewpoint and the controversies your mind Creates

It gets more and more confusing

Attempting to do and say all the right things even taking blame for things for which I have no fucking Clue!

Inherent sensitivity and make believe skeletons

Too often you intrude, I interrupt, just too plain Rude!

Silence and indifference is my interlude, are we just ignoring the elephant in the Room?

Neither one of us can hear each other when we Scream.

Her silence and distrust is inescapable even in my Dreams.

I try to not be rude, but I get tired, I Complain.

I come home to this every day.

I don’t have the sense to come out of the Rain.

Today I got inspired while listenin’ to Robin Thicke.

I uncovered that I’m not alone

No man knows what makes his woman Tick!

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