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Drums roll please

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Justice lost

Justice lost

Where is the justice

Is it on the edge of the abyss.

Where is the mercy?

For the he children.

Crammed in cages

As Cities riot It's the poor

that suffer looter rages.

The leaders of haters,

To the rich they caters.

the damage

Has only began.

Public pomp

And private armies.

The poor are under the gun,

Prisoners old and young,

Racism or Hypersensitivity. Result are the same.

Rightous Anger

Peaceful Protests and Marches

Meant with storm trooper with targas.

Where does all end.

How far will they go.

Shocked and dismay

Becomes more anger

The cycle has already begun.

does history teach us

That's How every

civilization ends.

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